From hobby to business ✨

How did Studio Soph start? It was May 2020 and the whole world was working at home because of Covid. Soph was working full time at a graphic design & illustration studio and Thijs worked full time at an accountancy company. During this time, work became a lot less than usual. Soph made illustrations in her free time, just for fun. Because we had so much time on our hands, we decided it would be a fun idea to put the illustrations Soph made, on cards & posters. We opened our Etsy shop; Studio Soph was born! Within months our orders started to increase and in 2021 we both decided to quit our jobs and work full time for Studio Soph.

Meet Soph & Thijs 👋🏼

We are Soph and Thijs (sister & brother) and we are Studio Soph.

Soph is the Creative Director. She designs all the products and is mostly busy with drawing on her iPad, posting & interacting on Social Media or searching for new trends.

Thijs takes care of the finances and customer service.

Together we spend our days running Studio Soph by packing orders, making sure our customers are happy & satisfied and trying to grow our business!

Located in The Netherlands 🌷

We are located in The Netherlands. You know, that small country in Europe famous for our cheese, tullips, bicycles, Amsterdam, clogs & so much more!

About 80% of our products are produced here in The Netherlands.

Our warehouse👩🏻‍💻

In 2023 we moved to our new warehouse! We started at home, in Soph her room. Then we moved to a small unit of 19m2, and now we are in our new warehouse of 80m!

You can find us here Monday to Friday designing, brainstorming & packing your orders!